A Black Women's History of the United States

Daina Ramey Berry and Kali Nicole Gross



A revealing history - at once sobering and empowering - showing Black women's expansive contributions since the 1600s.

Spanning over 400 years, this book, written by two award-winning Black women historians, prioritizes all voices: from poor and working-class domestics to middle-class reform women to sex workers and female convicts. The book challenges historical stereotypes and myths but also offers a contemporary understanding of Black women in America, highlighting diverse voices and lives--from activists to athletes to rappers. Focusing on the unique and expansive experience of Black women, Berry and Gross reach far beyond a single narrative of Black women in America. The result is a book that centers race, gender and sexuality in the North, as well as the South, and in both rural and urban areas, to show that Black women are--and have always been--instrumental in shaping our history.

ISBN 9780807001998
List price $17.00
Publisher Beacon Press
Year of publication 2021
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