Section: Marxism, Socialism & Communism


A selection of titles related to the Marxian tradition

Western Marxism

An intellectual current of Marxism most identitified with cultural analysis by European thinkers

African Socialism

Soviet Union

Frankfurt School

Authors related to the Institute for Social Research

First International

Authors and movements associated with the International Workingmen's Association, which included Marxian socialists and anarchists

Second International

Formally the Socialist International, this included a number of tendencies within the global movement for social democracy. A split during World War II would produce the Third International, though the Second International is still extant to this day

Third International

The Third International aka the Communist International or COMINTERN, composed of Socialist parties who broke with the Second International on the question of support for World War I. Eventually degenerated into a mechanism for imposing Soviet orthodoxy

People's Republic of China