Try Anarchism for Life: The Beauty of Our Circle

Cindy Milstein (Barukh) and Ami Weintraub



The stories of our ancestors call to us all from across time, asking to be remembered. In retelling our ancestors’ experiences of love, tradition, loss, and sorrow, we not only honor their lives, but we come to better understand our own.

In this collection of remarkable essays, Ami Lev Weintraub guides us on a journey to meet the ghosts of his Jewish ancestors—a people whose struggles and stories sometimes whisper and sometimes scream to be shared. Ami examines challenging questions of heartbreak, memory, restitution, and self-discovery. From Eastern Europe to the Tree of Life shooting,these stories illuminate the historical and contemporary impact of facism on Jewish communities while honoring the ongoing legacy of Jewish resistance. We explore how listening to the earth can restore relationships to lands that carry pain, how the struggles of our people can coexist with their joys, and how we can build lives of deep remembering.

ISBN 9781958911013
List price $20.00
Publisher Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness
Year of publication 2022