Mi Papa Es Un Agricola / My Father, the Farm Worker

J. Roman Perez



Beautifully illustrated with the gifted colors of Mother Earth, introduce little ones to the hardship and tireless days of a farm worker - in English and Spanish!

From dawn to dusk, through sunshine, rainfall, and everything in between, he works his smooth hands until they crack. He harvests plenty of gifts for everyone to enjoy in hope of a brighter future for his own--he is the backbone of our country. Beautifully illustrated with the gifted colors of Mother Earth and told from the perspective of a proud son, this heartfelt tale will take us on a journey through the hardships and tireless days of a field worker.

Parents will adore this bilingual English-Spanish hardcover as it gives color and abundance to the natural world that farm workers cultivate every day and how their sacrifices go beyond the fields and towards their children's futures.

ISBN 9781948066754
List price $0.00
Publisher Lil' Libros
Year of publication 2023