Tunnel Maze

Simply Sherri


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In her third book of poems, Tunnel Maze, Simply Sherri walks through the dark valley of grief, the pain that comes with love, and the soul-taxing anxiety caused by an unjust society. Yet not only does she invite the reader to poetically walk this labyrinth with her; she also awakens hopeful glimmers calling us toward a better place. Undoubtedly, through Simply Sherri’s verse, the reader will be encouraged to find a healing path through their own tunnel maze.

With Tunnel Maze, Simply Sherri reminds us that there’s no way around it; only through it. Yet the reader will feel a resonance with these poems which process out grief and other challenges of our current society, and will walk with the poet as she searches a way forward. –Analysis [poet, minister, co-owner of Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, author of Somewhere Through the Haze and the album A Couple Thousand Years Later]

ISBN 9781312394599
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Publisher Simply Poetic Entertainment
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