The Sin of White Supremacy: Christianity, Racism, and Religious Diversity in America

Jeannine Hill Fletcher



"A worthy volume to the growing corpus of antiracist theologies envisioned by White Catholic theologians. It can be of particular use to graduate students, academics, and those involved in ministry looking for a 'thick description' of the origins and production of White Christian supremacy and ways to name, understand, and begin to dismantle it." --Theological Studies

How have Christian theologies of religious superiority underwritten ideologies of white supremacy in the United States? According to Hill Fletcher, the tendency of Christians to view themselves as the “chosen ones” has often been translated into racial categories as well. In other words, Christian supremacy has historically lent itself to white supremacy, with disastrous consequences.

How might we start to disentangle the two? Hill Fletcher proposes strategies that will help foster racial healing in America, the first of which is to demand of white Christians that they accept their responsibility for racist policies and structural discrimination in America.

ISBN 9781626982376
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Publisher orbis books
Year of publication 2017