Asian American A to Z

Cathy Linh Che and Kavita Ramchandran (Illustrator)


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A comprehensive and spirited exploration of Asian American history--its movements, cultures, and key figures--beautifully illustrated and compellingly told for readers of all ages.

Co-authors Cathy Linh Che and Kyle Lucia Wu take us on a journey through stories of celebration and resistance: the Third World Liberation Front, the Muslim Ban, Japanese American incarceration camps, Padma Lakshmi, Rashida Tlaib, Sunisa Lee, and more. It is a history of struggle, but also one of great triumph, brought to life with colorful and dynamic illustrations by Kavita Ramchandran.

Written by the directors of Kundiman--an organization dedicated to nurturing Asian American writers--An Asian American A to Z is a book for children of all backgrounds and a vital resource for tomorrow's organizers. Asian American identity formation is expansive yet under-taught, and this book is a necessary intervention that will ground readers in joy, history, and solidarity.

ISBN 9781642599459
List price $18.95
Publisher Haymarket Books
Year of publication 2023