Bonus Tracks: Pound the Pavement #24

Josh Macphee



AN addendum to my book, An Encyclopedia of Political Record Labels! If you don’t have a copy, you might want to check it out first, HERE.

My collector instincts have continued to go haywire since beginning this project in 2015, which has led me to 195 new political labels I missed in the book and have compiled here. From Quebecois unions to Norwegian communist newspapers to Haitian music collectives, these new entries add even more amazing nuggets of political music history to the An Encyclopedia project. In addition, a number of people have generously pointed out omissions and mistakes in the original text, most of which I’ve corrected here. In this booklet you will find a short update to my introduction to the book, the new label entries that I’ve compiled over the past year, and nearly three dozen corrections and updates to entries that are in the book. Since it is unclear when and if a new, fourth edition of the book will be published with this material added, I wanted to share them now.

If you want to get both this and the book together, go HERE.

This is also Pound the Pavement #24.

List price $8.00
Publisher Josh MacPhee
Year of publication 2020