Abortion Care as Moral Work: Ethical Considerations of Maternal and Fetal Bodies

Curtis Boyd, Glenna Boyd, Renee Chelian, Marc Heller, Sarah Dubow, Amy Hagstrom Miller, Thomas Cunningham, Shelley Sella, Colin Partridge, and Shannon Withycombe


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Abortion Care as Moral Work brings together the voices of abortion providers, abortion counselors, clinic owners, neonatologists, bioethicists, and historians to discuss how and why providing abortion care is moral work. The collection offers voices not usually heard as clinicians talk about their work and their thoughts about life and death. In four subsections--Providers, Clinics, Conscience, and The Fetus--the contributions in this anthology explore the historical context and present-day challenges to the delivery of abortion care. Contributing authors address the motivations that lead abortion providers to offer abortion care, discuss the ways in which anti-abortion regulations have made it increasingly difficult to offer feminist-inspired services, and ponder the status of the fetus and the ethical frameworks supporting abortion care and fetal research. Together these essays provide a feminist moral foundation to reassert that abortion care is moral work.

ISBN 9780813597263
List price $24.95
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Year of publication 2022