What Is Surrealism ?: Selected Writings

Andre Breton and Franklin Rosemont



Without doubt, the best, most extensive, and most invaluable collection of the political and theoretical writings of André Breton, the father of Surrealism, available today in English. Includes a massive biographical sketch of Breton by surrealist historian, Franklin Rosemont - co-founder of the Chicago Surrealist Group.

Writings of the best-known leader of the Surrealist movement in literature and the arts. Includes a facsimile reproduction of the 1942 Surrealist Album by André Breton. Index, Glossary, Annotation

Edited and introduced by Franklin Rosemont, 16-page photo section, additional photos and drawings, glossary, bibliography, index.

ISBN 9780873488228
List price $40.00
Publisher Pathfinder Press
Year of publication 1978