What Is Surrealism ?: Selected Writings

Andre Breton and Franklin Rosemont


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Without doubt, the best, most extensive, and most invaluable collection of the political and theoretical writings of André Breton, the father of Surrealism, available today in English. Includes a massive biographical sketch of Breton by surrealist historian, Franklin Rosemont - co-founder of the Chicago Surrealist Group.

Writings of the best-known leader of the Surrealist movement in literature and the arts. Includes a facsimile reproduction of the 1942 Surrealist Album by André Breton. Index, Glossary, Annotation

Edited and introduced by Franklin Rosemont, 16-page photo section, additional photos and drawings, glossary, bibliography, index.

ISBN 9780873488228
List price $40.00
Publisher Pathfinder Press
Year of publication 1978