All Our Yesterdays: A Novel

Natalia Ginzburg



From "one of the most distinguished writers of modern Italy" (New York Review of Books), a classic novel of society in the midst of a war.

This powerful novel is set against the background of Italy from 1939 to 1944, from the anxious months before the country entered the war, through the war years, to the Allied victory with its trailing wake of anxiety, disappointment, and grief. In the foreground are the members of two families. One is rich, the other is not. In All Our Yesterdays, as in all of Ms. Ginzburg’s novels, terrible things happen—suicide, murder, air raids, and bombings. But seemingly less overwhelming events, like a family quarrel, adultery, or a deception, are given equal space, as if to say that, to a victim, adultery and air raids can be equally maiming.

In this poignant story of the trauma and redemption that families face in the midst of terror, Natalia Ginzburg writes with the elegance that has assured her rightful place among history’s acclaimed authors.

ISBN 9781628728262
List price $17.99
Publisher Arcade
Year of publication 2018