Black Anarchism and the Black Radical Tradition: Moving Beyond Racial Capitalism

Atticus Bagby-Williams, Nsambu Za Suekama, Shannon Fauwkes (Editor), and Howard Waitzkin (Editor)


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This work is an important achievement in clarifying the history and current importance of Black anarchism. The substantive information that the book presents will be new to many readers. For instance, one important component involves the explanations of how hierarchical principles within the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army helped generate the emergence of Black anarchism among key party members who later developed their ideas and strategies while in prison. Likewise, the book breaks new ground in demonstrating that Black anarchism has emerged not from the European/ North American anarchist traditions but rather from roots in Pan-Africanism, the Black radical tradition focusing on racial capitalism and the work of Cedric Robinson, and grassroots struggles partly in the U.S. South. The in-depth analysis of the somewhat different but complementary focuses within the two generations of Black anarchism also is very helpful. Finally, the book highlights concrete, contemporary implications for revolutionary strategy, including a perceptive analysis of the compatibilities between socialist and Black anarchist approaches to current transformative struggles. I am sure that this publication will become widely known and used, because it brings enlightening new ways to understand and to act on the intertwined structures of racial capitalism and the capitalist state.

ISBN 9781990263323
List price $18.00
Publisher Daraja Press
Year of publication 2022