No More Police: A Case for Abolition

Mariame Kaba and Andrea Ritchie


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The authoritative primer on police abolition by two celebrated, veteran movement leaders

In this provocative call to action, New York Times bestselling author Mariame Kaba and fellow abolitionist Andrea Ritchie detail why we should get rid of police and how we can create true community safety in their stead. They explore the many ways police fail to prevent or solve crime, instead causing harm themselves; demands to defund the police, a key strategy advanced by modern police abolitionists; and the many failures of contemporary police reforms. Kaba and Ritchie are themselves personally engaged in movements to end police, prison, and gender-based violence, and it is from this perch that they illuminate the lessons of the past two decades--of organizing toward a world without policing.

Centering survivors of state, interpersonal, and community-based violence, and highlighting uprisings, hyperlocal campaigns, and community-based projects, No More Police makes a compelling case for a world where the tools required to prevent, interrupt, and transform conditions fueling violence in all its forms are plenty. Part activist handbook, part movement history, No More Police calls on us to turn away from systems that perpetrate violence in the name of ending it, toward a world where violence is the exception and safe, abundant, and thriving communities are the rule.

ISBN 9781620977323
List price $18.99
Publisher New Press
Year of publication 2022
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