Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen: Recipes, Resources, and Stories

Meredith Pangrace


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A varied, handy collection of Rust Belt culinary favorites, updated for today’s vegan diet.

The Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen is a community cookbook created by professional and home chefs who live and work in the Rust Belt. Recipes collected here represent the diversity of the region, and include vegan versions of:

Polish pierogis

Detroit coney dogs

Hungarian paprikash

Slovak kolaches

Mexican conchas

German sauerkraut balls

Cincinnati chili

Slovenian fish fry

Chitterings, and many more.

The cooks and chefs collected here offer stories about their recipes as well as family and culinary traditions. The book also includes resources on how to stock a vegan pantry, guides to useful equipment, and basic how-tos for “veganizing” staples.

Infusing old world recipes with a new level of creativity for a changing audience, The Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen is unpretentious, accessible, and fun.

ISBN 9781953368119
List price $16.95
Publisher Belt Pub
Year of publication 2021