Slave Revolts in Puerto Rico: Conspiracies and Uprisings, 1795-1873

Guillermo A. Baralt


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From the emergence of the first sugar plantations up until 1873, when slavery was abolished, the wealth amassed by many landowners in Puerto Rico derived mainly from the exploitation of slaves. But slavery generated its antithesis: disobedience, conspiracies, uprisings, and flight. Slave Revolts in Puerto Rico is a richly documented volume dealing with these expressions of collective resistance. The image of the docile and submissive slave presented by the prevailing historiography until very recently is no longer valid. Documents uncovered by Guillermo A. Baralt provide evidence of over forty uprising attempts, as detailed in this fascinating book.

ISBN 9781558764637
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Publisher Markus Wiener Pub
Year of publication 2007