Abolition Geography: Selected Essays and Interviews

Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Alberto Toscano (Editor), and Brenna Bhandar (Editor)



First collection of writings from one of the foremost contemporary critical thinkers on racism, geography and incarceration

Abolition Geography brings together Gilmore’s essays, articles and interviews from over the past two decades. One of the foremost contemporary theorists and activists in movements for prison abolition and social justice, Gilmore’s essays comprise searing analyses of the origins of mass incarceration and racial violence. This collection reveals her to be a major theorist of the state, which she shows has today morphed into an “anti-state state” organizing the abandonment of racialized and exploited populations. Countering these new formations of power, Gilmore presents us with a powerful model for the radical articulation of scholarship and activism, and a novel way of asking ourselves the question: ‘What is to be done?’ Edited and introduced by Brenna Bhandar and Alberto Toscano.

ISBN 9781839761706
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Publisher Verso
Year of publication 2021
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