Lay Down Your Arms: Anti-militarism, Anti-imperialism, and the Global Radical Left in the 1930s

Ole Birk Laursen



Bringing together eight anarchist, communist, and socialist writers of the 1930s--Hendrik Jan Mispelblom Beyer, Magdeleine Paz, Sa l Mohamed, Lyonel Florant, Aron van Dam, Han Kuijsten, M. P. T. Acharya, and E. K. Nobushima--this book reproduces a November 1935 special issue of the Dutch anti-militarist journal, De Wapens Neder, collecting essays on anti-militarism, anti-imperialism, and anti-fascism during the period just after the Italian invasion of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), at a time when Japanese aggression in Asia had been going on for a decade, and at the cusp of the Spanish Civil War.

Including radical voices from India, Algeria, and Japan, the essays gathered here tie the rise of militarism and fascism to European, American, and Japanese imperialism. In doing so, they open a window onto the global networks of the radical left during this era and document an overlooked history of anarchist anti-colonialism.

ISBN 9780990641896
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Publisher On Our Own Authority! Publishing
Year of publication 2019