Somewhere Through the Haze



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An insightful collection of poetry that will challenge you to take a real look at the oppression in society, and ask yourself, “What will I do about it?”

Bringing into play a background in justice and human rights ministry, education and organizing, as well as an enjoyment of the use of language—written and spoken—to explore crucial ideas, Analysis presents a group of poems that examine painful manifestations racism, economic oppression and imperialism in our society. Illuminating topics ranging from anti-immigrant hate to labor injustice to the police killing of his nephew, and more, these poems are crafted in such a way that you can “hear” their power speaking to you as if you were at a spoken word venue, and so you and all you share with can revisit them repeatedly in order to raise your level of critical analysis!

ISBN 9780359820801
List price $12.75
Publisher Simply Poetic Press
Year of publication 2019