Hummingbirds in the Trenches

Kondwani Fidel



"Every time I feel a hint of emptiness, I fill it with hope." In Hummingbirds in The Trenches, Kondwani Fidel digests the circumstances of every day living in Baltimore. His honest recollection of growing up in his city--one plagued by poverty, inadequate schools, and violent murders--is a must read till the end. Fidel skillfully guides readers down a narrow line--his vulnerability on one side, his deafening power on the other. In the end, Fidel emerges a victor--overtly aware of the ironclad, historical systemic racism that continues to confine his community, yet still a hopeful, suggestive voice with a strong belief in change. His essays will make you cry tears of anger, but also tears of light-hearted laughter.

-- Stephanie Wash, Emmy Award Winning Producer and ABC News Journalist

ISBN 9781723519581
List price $25.00
Publisher Kondwani Fidel
Year of publication 2018