Troubling Borders: An Anthology of Art and Literature by Southeast Asian Women in the Diaspora

Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Lan P. Duong, Mariam B. Lam, and Kathy L. Nguyễn



[from the publisher] Pairing image and text, Troubling Borders showcases creative writing and visual artworks by sixty-one women of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao, Thai, and Filipino ancestry. The collection features compelling storytelling that troubles the borders of categorization and reflects the multilayered experience of Southeast Asian women.

The diverse voices featured here have been shaped by colonization, wars, globalization, and militarization. For some of these women on the margins of the margin, crafting and showing their work is a bold act in itself. Their provocative and accessible creations tell unique stories, provide a sharp contrast to familiar stereotypes - Southeast Asian women as exotic sex symbols, dragon ladies, prostitutes, and "bar girls"-and serve as entry points for broader discussions on questions of history, memory, and identity.

ISBN 9780295993195
List price $49.95
Publisher University of Washington Press
Year of publication 2014