Slanguage Arts and Griot Glimpses (Black Jesus Edition) Poems 2002-2017

Slangston Hughes



“Slangston Hughes is one of those poets that you can’t believe that you actually met in person. He’s the alien you’ve always heard about but didn’t quite believe in, until now. Normally, someone like him is written about decades after you would have had the chance to see him perform. Seeing him in action has always been a paranormal experience for me. During each performance, I have always been fully aware that I was witnessing what would one day be literary history. While he recites his poetry, I’m subconsciously crafting my own about the experience. He has the rare ability to put into words what most people cannot craft into scattered thoughts. He is not only ahead of his times, he is behind them, channeling images and thoughts that the ancients would have shared if they had his tongue.” -- Chin-Yer Wright, Creator/Director of Word War Poetry Slam Series & “The Baltimore Scene”

ISBN 9781546358022
List price $21.00
Publisher Slangston Hughes
Year of publication 2017