Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion

Jeffrey St. Clair (Editor), Joshua Frank (Editor), Kevin Alexander Gray, Kathy Kelly, and Ralph Nader


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Those who feel that like lemmings they are being led over a cliff would be well-advised not to read this book. They may discover that they are right.--Noam Chomsky

"Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank have skillfully smoked out the real Barack Obama . . . the technofascist military strategist disguised as a Nobel Peace Laureate, but owned, operated, and controlled by Wall Street, Corporate America, and the Pentagon."--Thomas H. Naylor, co-author of Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic

"The writers assembled here hit hard, with accuracy, and do not pull punches.--Marcus Rediker, author of The Slave Ship: A Human History

The Barack Obama revolution was over before it started, guttered by the politician's overweening desire to prove himself to the grandees of the establishment. From there on, other promises proved ever easier to break. Here's the book that dares not let Obama off the hook. It's all here: the compromises, the backstabbing, the same old imperial ambitions. Covering all major Obummer categories since he took office, this fast-paced collection will delight the critical and offer food for thought for those contemplating the 2012 electoral circus--and beyond.

ISBN 9781849351102
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Publisher AK Press
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