We're Hiring!

Who We Are

Greenmount Coffee Lab is a small worker-owned cafe located inside of OpenWorks in Greenmount West. We have an extensive coffee program that includes slow bar, espresso, and drip brew methods. As well as a growing vegan breakfast and lunch menu. We have a very close relationship with our coffee roaster, Thread Coffee (we share a space!), and are dedicated to transparent & just sourcing. 

We are also part of a family of local co-ops that include Red Emma's, 2640 Project, The Baltimore Free School, and Thread Coffee.

We are looking for:

Someone interested in co-owning and collectively running a cafe

Someone wants to get involved in all aspects of day to day operations and big picture visioning of the project

An experienced barista

Someone available to work business hours Monday-Friday

Someone with a passion for fair & transparent trade 

A self motivated person with the ability to be self directed and stay on task


This is a full time position (35 hours). We're looking for someone with a strong sense of community, who has a passion for food and social change. The starting wage is $11/hour, with predictable raises based on cumulative hours worked. This is a part to full time worker-owner track job, which means we are looking for someone ready to make a multi-year commitment to growing a democratically self-managed worker cooperative and radical political project, and excited about growing into a role as an equal owner of the business.

Sound great? Send us an application! Email greenmountcoffeelab@gmail.com with your resume and a letter about why you want to work here. Be sure to tell us how your coffee & community skills will complement our existing project!