Get ready for George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici's upcoming Baltimore visit!

We're really excited about Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis' upcoming January 30th visit to Baltimore, where they'll be giving a joint presentation on "Debt, Financialization and the Production of the Common."  This will be the fourth time we've brought them both to Baltimore---the first time was for the 2007 Midatlantic Radical Bookfair (which also featured Joy James, Dahr Jamail, Ashanti Alston, Muhammad Ahmad, and a call-in from political prisoner Marshall "Eddie" Conway), the second was for our mammoth 2009 City From Below conference, and the most recent visit was for a 2011 Baltimore Free School seminar, where a packed room of people sat for six hours straight while Silvia Federici laid out the essential connections between feminism, the commons, and the refusal of work.

If you're looking for a place to start with their work to get ready for the event later in the month, we've laid out a few options below: