Books: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a book that's not listed as in stock?

Email us at with the title you'd like to order; we'll let you know whether we can the book in by the time you need it. 

Can I buy books online from Red Emma's?

Yes!  Go buy some books right now.

Will you sell books for my class?

Yes!  Course orders are a great way to support the Red Emma's mission.  If you'd like to explore ordering books for your courses through Red Emma's, let us know at  We are better positioned to sell "trade" books rather than "textbooks" and can optionally visit your class to talk about the Red Emma's project and sell books to your students on-site.  (More info about course books here)

Will you sell books at my event?

Assuming we have staff available, and there's a good chance we can sell 20 or more books, we're happy to explore providing bookselling for your events.  We do strongly prefer to sell books at events that are in some way aligned with our political and social mission.

Can I do an event for my book at Red Emma's?

One of our major reasons for starting a bookstore was to provide a place for authors to showcase and discuss their work; that being said, not every book is a good fit for us.  If you'd like to explore scheduling a book event, email us at with what you have in mind.

Are you hiring?


Any other questions?  Email us at!